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Restaurant Reviews

Spice Nutriment (Brighton, England)

Spice Nutriment, 66 Queen's Road, Brighton, BN1 3XD, England
tel: 01273 777746  
(takeaway only)

2 reviews, average rating: 35 star rating 68%

Rating: 30 star rating 54% Reviewed by angryeater on 17 Aug 2005

A takeaway was eaten on Wednesday, 17th Aug 2005 in the evening.

The food ordered was: Chicken Dansak lamb kebab.

Quality of food 3 star rating

OK. but due to lack of delivery service including poor communication on the part of the place some of my food was cold.

Quality of service 1 star rating

The driver had difficulty finding the delivery adress despite explicit delivery instructions and despite the company taking 2 contact numbers, noone called to explain this to the recipient or to ask directions.

Variety on menu 3 star rating
Decor & ambience 3 star rating
Location 3 star rating
Cost 3 star rating
In summary

Poor communication, no attempt to apologise for not delivering after 1.5 hours, instead the manager continued just to argue that the poor service was not their fault.

Rating: 45 star rating 82% Reviewed by Jeremy on 26 Jul 2002

A takeaway was eaten on Saturday, 20th Jul 2002 in the evening.

The food ordered was: Vegetable Dansak (comes with rice, popadoms and onions) and Chicken Balti Tikka Joshe (comes with rice or nan bread, popadoms and onions).

Quality of food 5 star rating

This is by far and away the best takeaway food I've had in Brighton.

There's a very distinct flavour to the curries from Spice Nutriment. On the menu, they mention that they use lots of garlic but it's more than that. The sauces are really rich and tasty.

All the dishes are true to themselves: the Kormas are mild, the Madras is pretty spicy and the Vindaloo is really hot.

You probably won't be to impressed if you order something boring from the generic curry section of the menu but if you dig further back and try out something like a Pathia or Balti Dupiaza, you won't be disappointed.

The average dish is about 5-6 but this includes rice (or nan in the case of Baltis) as well as popadoms and onions. The portions are very, very generous.

Quality of service 3 star rating

Delivery time is not fast. It's not that kind of takeaway.

Everything is cooked to order so you can expect waiting times of an hour or even more(!).

So, obviously, this is not a good option if you're in a hurry.

Variety on menu 4 star rating

They offer, and I quote, "A choice of 140 non-vegetarian and 70 vegetarian dishes" so there's definitely something for everybody.

Personally, I love their Baltis.

For vegetarians, I would highly recommend the Bhindi-Tomato Balti Dupiaza or the Chana Tikka Masala.

For meat eaters, the Chicken Balti Tikka Joshe is not to be missed.

Decor & ambience 4 star rating

Well, I can't comment on the decor of the actual place as I've only ever ordered by 'phone.

I can comment on the menu, though. It's worth reading even if you never plan to actually order something.

The menu is filled with over-the-top claims and testimonials. It makes for hilarious reading material to go with your curry:

"A takeaway meal from Spice Nutriment is much better for your health than you normally eat and tastier than you ever had.".

Location 4 star rating

They're on Queen's Road which is pretty handy if you're anywhere near the train station.

They'll deliver anywhere in Brighton and Hove, though. Minimum order is 10 within a 5 mile radius.

Cost 4 star rating

In my opinion, considering the quality of the food and the size of the portions, a takeaway from here represents good value for money.

Remember, you probably won't need to order any starters or extras to get filled up ('though their mint sauce goes well with a Balti).

In summary

According to the menu, Spice Nutriment is "The only Curry and Tandoori establishment in the UK with your health in mind".

Aw, bless.

And it tastes great, too.


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